We support our core values of truth, transparency, and loyalty. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we get from our clients. If you have a question not noted below, please send us an email under the "Contact Us" section and we'll be happy to address it.

What makes your business model better than a traditional "Retail" sale?

Banks have changed the rules of the game and we offer the market a rare commodity. In today's day and age, most homeowners wouldn't qualify for a mortgage to the home they are currently living in. For this reason, we get to work with 2/3 of the market that Realtors cannot, hence an easier way for us to reach a broader audience.

Why don't you operate with Realtors?

Our business model differs from traditional "Retail" transactions. The main reason is that we do our own paperwork, we work directly with our attorneys, and are very aggressive with our marketing. If we do all the work, it's difficult to justify the commission of a Realtor. In retrospect, we pass these savings to you.

Why can't I find your direct phone number and email address?

Unfortunately publishing our phone number and email address directly on the website invites spam, robots, and scams to target our business. In other words, we protect our information as much as you protect yours. If you wish to contact us, please do so by filling our the "Contact Us" form.